Police on watch for aggressive drivers, seat-belt violations

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Buckle up: That is the statewide message police are sending during a campaign called Operation Buckle Up.

William Gatling of Harrisburg says he always puts on his seat belt.

“I feel safer when I wear a seat belt. Before, I didn’t always wear one, but now I feel more safe,” Gatling said.

An action officer Chris Haines with Susquehanna Township police says is a must. Seat belts are the law and save lives.

“I’ve seen it where people have buckled up and it has saved their lives, and I have seen the opposite where if someone was buckled up they might still be with us today” Haines said.

According to PennDOT, unbelted occupants who are thrown from a vehicle are 25 times more likely to be killed in a crash.

Another issue: aggressive drivers.

“We just want people to know that we will be out there looking for any type of aggressive driving. It could mean speeding, changing lanes unsafely, running red lights and stop signs,” Haines said.

Also a threat: distracted drivers.

“I’ve seen people putting makeup on, using cell phones, eating,” said Haines. “You can always tell the ones doing it because they are drifting and coming at you, and sure enough when you pass them you can see someone looking down at their lap texting” medical student Adam Badaczewski said.

Haines sends this reminder:

“You are possibly not only saving your own life, but someone else who’s on the roadway you don’t even know,” he said.

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