Lt. governor looking ahead to possible military cuts

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Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley took a tour of the Army War College in Carlisle on Thursday morning.

Cawley is chair of the Military Community Protection Commission that Governor Tom Corbett set up in 2012 to support the state’s military facilities and track the movements of the Department of Defense as they may look to continue to realign and close military facilities.

So far, Congress has not authorized Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to resume another round of base closures, but Cawley says they are launching a campaign to send a message that the Army War College is vital to national security and has a strong impact around the globe.

Cawley says the Army War College is an economic engine for the region and provides more than 1,700 jobs and is a strong support hub for more than 100,000 retired military members and their families.

“Military operations like the Army War College are economic engines providing jobs and prosperity for communities across Pennsylvania. They are worth fighting for, and the men and women who work here are worth fighting for,” Cawley said.

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