Harrisburg neighbors upset about debris pile

Residents of one Harrisburg community are not happy with a huge pile of rubble that is sitting in their neighborhood and neither is councilwoman Sandra Reid, who has made it a crusade to clean up the city.

A pile of wood and other debris is all that is left of a small group of abandoned buildings on the 2200 block of Susquehanna Street in Harrisburg.

Reid says it’s a classic example of a property owner that demolishes a building because of codes violations and then doesn’t clean it up.

“How is it that this is ignored?” she wondered. “In a residential neighborhood? This is not a third world country.”

She’s not the only one who’s frustrated.

“Well it’s kind of an eyesore,” said Yana Brink, who lives nearby. “It’s better than it was before, because there were abandoned garages and illegal activity going on but something needs to be done.”

“Basically, they just came and tore everything down and then just left a big mess,” said Christopher Brink. “So now there’s a concern with safety and for children to be playing on this.”

Reid says the property owner has been contacted several times to no avail. But she doesn’t absolve the city of any blame in this either.

“If we had the proper codes department doing its job, would this be here?” said Reid, who says there are unfilled positions in the codes department which would help them do their job.

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