Michaels security breach compromises credit, debit cards

It has happened again. Another security breach, this time at the country’s largest crafts chains.

Officials said the credit and debit card information for nearly three million people has been compromised. This, just a few months after a similar incident at Target.

“This is like the third time this week I’ve been here,” said Amanda Heinicke as she walked into Michaels.

Midstaters go there for all kinds of projects. Megan Sites was there to get crafty for her wedding.

“My husband, future husband and I are really trying to save and do stuff. We see all these things on Pinterest. We really just wanna see what we can do and be crafty,” said Sites.

But some customers who are trying to be thrifty may end up paying a higher price.

Officials said between May of last year and the end of January this year, 2.6 million credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates were compromised.

“I’m trying to plan my wedding and save money, and it’s scary that someone could be taking my money at the same time I’m trying to do that,” Sites said.

Officials said security codes, names and pin numbers are not at risk.

Heinicke, former credit card company employee, said that does not matter.

“Normally you need the 3 digit code on the back of the card which is extremely hard to get if you don’t actually have the card. But if you have that information and they don’t ask for the 4 digit code they can make travel arrangements, go on a cruise,” said Heinicke. “But you just need to be diligent in watching your bank accounts and credit cards and make sure you know where you’re spending your money.”

Yvonne Fry is taking it a step further.

“I was reading the news at lunch time and I saw the headline that Michaels has had a breach with the credit cards that were used there,” Fry said. “So I’m going to pay with cash today.”

Michaels officials said it is safe to pay with a card. In a statement on their website, they said they have fully contained the incident and there is no longer a threat. You can read the full statement here: http://www.michaels.com/corporate/payment-card-notice,default,pg.html.

Michaels’s sister company, Aaron Brothers, was also hacked. Information from another 400,000 cards was potentially stolen between late June and late February.

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