Elks Theatre in Middletown reopens

It was good news for Alma's Flower and Gift Shop in Middletown.

The owner, Kathy Suhr, thought the codes department was going to shut the store down for one of its busiest weekends.

“We are all good, up and running, everything is great. Today is going to be a great day,” Suhr said.

Thursday afternoon, a codes officer posted signs on the building that read “Unsafe Structure, Keep Out.”

By Friday morning, the signs were gone.

“Yesterday afternoon we were able to provide a letter from our engineer stating that the building is fine, perfectly safe to occupy,” said Gordon Einhorn, board member of the Greater Middletown Economic Development Corporation.

Not every business owner in the building agrees.

“I am open, but I do not really want to be open because I feel it is still a hazard, said Charles Dunn, owner Dunn's Antiques and Collectibles.

Dunn already has tarps ready for the next rain.

“I am still gonna have a leaky roof. I am going to move things out because I can not afford damage,” he said.

There are also some financial concerns. The Greater Middletown Economic Development Corporation, which runs the building, has failed to pay thousands of dollars in taxes.

“Those are going to be paid because we are working on a sale of the building,” Einhorn said. “The idea is to take care of all those outstanding issues at the time of the sale.”


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