Burglaries linked to Harrisburg man approach 100

A serial burglar nabbed in Cumberland County is facing additional charges.

Robert J. Funk, 23, of Harrisburg, admitted to thefts in several counties, including Cumberland, York, Lancaster and Lebanon, police said.

He was originally charged with 67 thefts in Silver Spring Township, Cumberland County. The additional charges were filed by police in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County and Fairview Township, York County.

The additional charges brings Funk's list of alleged victims to close to 100 people.

“It is unusual to see something of this size. You might see 10, 15, 20, 30, but when you start talking about 80, 100,  that's a significant amount of criminal activity,” Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed said.

Police believe Funk stole more than a million dollars worth of tools and equipment from sheds, garages and construction trailers around the Midstate during a crime spree that lasted at least two years.

“It is surprising that someone can get away with that for that long,” Freed said. “However, if they spread around the work, they know what houses to hit and when, you can understand how it might happen.”

Funk searched country roads late at night for riding mowers, powers tools and anything else he could resell quickly at local flea markets. He told investigators he used the money to support his family, police said.

“That is an explanation for your behavior, it does not excuse your behavior,” Freed said. “We have a pretty wide safety net here in Pennsylvania for people who have fallen on hard times, so I do not have any respect, frankly, for anyone who resorts to law breaking, even if it's to support their family.”

Funk remains in Cumberland County Prison. More charges are expected to filed against him.


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