Ambulance service confusion in Dauphin, Middle Paxton

People who live in Dauphin Borough and Middle Paxton Township are concerned about ambulance services.

They got a letter in the mail telling them that service ended.

“We weren't notified of anything, just that they were leaving,” said Sharon Breski, who has lived in Dauphin Borough her whole life.

“We got a letter from Susquehanna saying that they were terminating,” Breski said, “but we haven't heard anything about whose coming or what kind of service we're gonna get since Susquehanna is leaving.”

Which led Breski and many other residents to believe they were left without ambulance services.

“It's sort of upsetting because there's a lot of older people who live here who might need an ambulance and we need to be taken care of,” Breski said.

But residents will be taken care of, according to the Dauphin Middle Paxton Joint Public Safety Authority. Officials said LifeTeam EMS will take over services.

Matthew Smith, chairman of the authority, said Community LifeTeam was selected last month to provide both ALS and BLS services after the original contract became financially unmanageable.

Smith said the change in contracts will save taxpayers a considerable amount of money without jeopardizing public safety.

He said throughout the transition, there was no lapse in coverage and no threat to public safety, and Community Life Team has agreed to honor all paid memberships to Susquehanna Township EMS that run through June 30.

“It makes me very happy that someone will be here,” Breski said. “That relieves my mind because my husband and I have called the ambulance one or twice ourselves. I'm happy to hear that news.”

What makes residents unhappy is the fact that they did not get all the information.

“Yeah, it is frustrating that they didn't take the time to notify people properly, because it worried most of us,” Breski said.


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