Kane: Unsealed records prove corruption case was flawed

Attorney General Kathleen Kane says newly released court records prove her administration made the right decision when it shut down a public corruption case involving state lawmakers.

Kane said the documents unsealed Thursday in Dauphin County court confirm the case had been dormant for nearly nine months before she took office, and that contrary to published reports she did not attempt to “take back” the case from federal authorities.

Kane insists the criminal investigation into four state lawmakers from Philadelphia, who allegedly pocketed cash or gifts from a confidential informant, was “deeply flawed and nonprosecutable.”

She said the unsealed documents also demonstrate that she tried to nullify the cooperation agreement with the informant, Tyron Ali, who got out of 283 theft and fraud charges by working with state prosecutors.

The documents show more than $91,000 was used in the sting operation; including more than $8,000 for food and alcohol, $1,400 for cigars, and $6,000 for hotels.

Kane said $32,000 spent on the sting was not documented.

“It goes to the credibility of all involved,” she said. “It goes to the credibility of the case agent. Where is this money? Where did it go? It goes to the credibility of the informant. Not only did you get the deal of a century, were you being paid to do this? Are you bought and paid for by the prosecution?”

Kane also responded to critics who said her decision to drop an investigation of fellow Democrats was politically motivated. She said 95 percent of the recordings made by the informant were of members of the Black Caucus.

“He was told to only target the Black Caucus,” Kane said. “He said, 'We can get other targets,' and they told him don't bother. The evidence shows that, as well.”


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