Steelton residents react to borough water violations

Residents in Steelton fear they might have to pay the price for the water authority's problems with the state.

The borough is facing a hefty fine and residents are afraid it will trickle down to them.

The DEP said the borough is in trouble for contaminated water and some false reports.

Residents said they will not pay higher bills, especially since residents said they already pay some of the heftiest water and sewer bills in the Midstate.

Markis Millberry has lived in Steelton his whole life and never thought his tap water was unsafe to drink until he saw an abc27 News report about it.

“If they knew better why in the hell are they kicking it under the rug? Excuse my language,” said Juniour Powell, a Steelton resident.

“It does freak me out because if the borough of Steelton is lying to the DEP about not maintaining or monitoring the water, what else can they lie to the residents about?” Millberry said.

Another question residents want answered is will they end up paying for the mistake? abc27 News contacted borough officials but calls were not returned.

One more concern flowing through the community is the water safe to drink? Many fear it is not.

“It's still a problem today because if you turn on my mother's faucet you see that the water is still cloudy today. You can't even see through the cup,” said Millberry.

Millberry said his mother and his brother have both been sick to their stomachs in recent weeks and blame it on the water. They went to the hospital where doctors said there was something passing through their system but did not pinpoint a cause.

DEP said the water is safe to drink because all of the violations happened last year and they are unaware of any current problems with the water. However, several residents said they are playing it safe and are stocking up on bottled water.

“I wouldn't drink no cloudy water,” said Millberry. “We have people paying outrageous prices to drink water like this. To bathe in this. This is unfair. Where's the justice at?”

Millberry and his family are ready to fight for justice. They are asking neighbors to help out by attending the borough council meeting Monday, April 7 and the water authority meeting on April 14.


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