Local families react to Ft. Hood shootings

Rebecca Long stares at the television in front of her with almost as much intensity as she did five-and-a-half years ago from her home in Ft. Hood, Texas.

“All you could do was to just sit there and watch the news,” she said.

In November 2009, her husband, Sgt. Stephen Long, was working about 50 yards away from where the troubled Nidal Hasan opened fire. She didn't hear from him for five hours.

“I know what those families are going through,” she said.

What was once a phone call is now Facebook.

“Your mind just goes a mile a minute,” said Ginny Reid of Mechanicsburg.

She was finally relieved when she heard from her grandson who was on lockdown in this most recent shooting.

“I saw him come online on Facebook, just briefly posted he was OK in Fort Hood,” she said.

Back in the long household:

“It brings back bad memories of the fallen,” said Sgt. Long from his Dillsburg livingroom.

Long says that day he was focused on his men with thoughts of his family.

“My first instinct was 'where are my soldiers?' and “where is my immediate shelter?”

Half a decade, the Long family say it still feels like yesterday.


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