Harold Denton has vivid memory of TMI accident

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For those who lived in the area in 1979, it's tough to forget the efforts of Dr. Harold Denton during the worst commercial nuclear accident in the history of the United States.

Denton, who worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, spoke at Penn State Harrisburg. He says communication was a problem back then when the local phone system crashed.

“We found one federal agency that had what would be called a cell phone,” said Denton, “but it was called a walkie-talkie.”

Denton is now 78.  He says he remembers what happed at Three Mile Island like it was yesterday.

“They say you can remember what is traumatic,” said Denton, “It was traumatic, and I can still remember the conversations with the governor and the President.”

Denton was responsible for giving President Jimmy Carter and Governor Dick Thornburgh daily updates.

Thornburgh recently called Denton a hero for creating a sense of calm during a tense time in the region.


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