Residents will never forget TMI scare

The accident at Three Mile Island that occurred on March 28, 1979 created a lot of fear and uncertainty for most who lived in the region.

A partial meltdown in one of the reactors during the early morning hours gained attention around the world.

Schools were let out early and many businesses closed while thousands of people decided to evacuate to other towns and cities.

Former Middletown Mayor Robert Reid told abc27 last year that he had no intention of evacuating because he wanted to keep his promise to protect the homes of those who left.

“I issued an order to my police officers that looters would be shot,” said Reid. “I just felt no one had the right to come into my community and take advantage of people who were running in fear for their lives.”

Shelly Danner still lives near the plant. She remembers the evacuation order of all pregnant women and young children.  She had a 3-year-old son at the time.

“They were worried about what could be in the air from the start of the problem ” said Danner,  So I took my son and we went up to Harrisburg, which was outside the five-mile radius.”


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