Harrisburg meets deadline, receives $150K check

A big ol' check! Harrisburg City received the final $150,000 for meeting a deadline outlined in the Harrisburg Strong recovery plan.

So big two people had to the hold the check. Ok, it was a large presentation check that was being held by Public Works Director Aaron Johnson and Councilwoman Sandra Reid.

However, James Warner, CEO of the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, had the real $150,000 check in his pocket – large in its own right.

The check is big for several reasons. Not only does the city receive the final half of the $300,000, which could help any bank account, but the city makes good on a deal with a partner helping Harrisburg out of debt.

Uprooting the Public Works site located on adjacent to the incinerator was no small feat. The site had years of equipment, paperwork, odds and ends that must be vacated within 90 days following the sale of the incinerator on Dec. 23, 2013. To incentivize the deal, LCSWMA said they would pay the city $300,000 to vacate within that timeframe.

Here's the thing, Harrisburg didn't quite tackle the problem until Eric Papenfuse was sworn into office. The Mayor's Office, City Council, and Public Works quickly surveyed several locations to relocate its site. Fortunately, a deal with the former Brenner Motors Dealership at 19th and Paxton was able to make the move efficient. LCSWMA paid the city the first $150,000 last month in good faith the job would get done.

“It was a lot of hard work,” said Johnson. “I want to thank the men themselves and the women of public works department…putting a lot of hours in and we got it done.”

Fred Reddig, in charge of seeing Harrisburg's recovery plan through (a.k.a. TRAN), gave a few updates regarding Harrisburg Strong. Officially, Reddig stated the city made its first general-obligation payment in more than two years. On March 13, $4.7 million was paid to creditor, Ambac Assurance Corp.

Reddig also stated the city paid off the $2.6 million debt attached to former Mayor Steve Reed's artifacts purchase. The money was owed to Guernsey's Auction House.

“We all worked together and some of them are still not completed,” said Papenfuse. “But, it's been a whirlwind of the past 60 days…we've done a wonderful job.”


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