Update: Tip jar thief caught on camera is caught by police

On March 12, abc27 News aired surveillance video of a man taking cash out of a tip jar at a Cumberland County coffee shop. Police said they caught the thief.

Someone walked into the Bridge Street Coffee Shop in New Cumberland and took money right out of the tip jar.

Police said he is in police custody, but they have not released his name because charges have not been filed as of Friday night.

“We got you, you dirty rat. Take that, you rat,” said Victoria Weiser, owner of the coffee shop.

Weiser said he was also caught stealing elsewhere on the West Shore.

“So I'm really grateful for the New Cumberland police. I'm grateful for the news and the social media. I'm really grateful for our video. And yes! CSI New Cumberland! I love it. I love this kind of stuff. Let's get them! Let's get the bad guys,” Weiser said.

The bad guy stole employee Marissa Dodd's tips. It was only $10, but the community was upset, and generosity poured out.

“After it aired on the news and everything, people would come in that haven't even come into the coffee shop and were giving me money to make up for the tips. It was very generous and very kind,” Dodd said. “Put it in the bank. I'm gonna save for college.”

“I even had one of our customers come in and say, 'Here, I built you a little box that you can put your tips in that it's not so easy for somebody to put their hand in.' Gestures like that are amazing,” Weiser said.

A happy ending with a moral to the story.

“Don't mess with small business owners. We work hard for our money. This is not the first time it's happened to me, I'm sure, nor will it be. Well I hope it'll be the last time,” Weiser said.

Similar crimes are happening all too often across the Midstate.

abc27 News got a press release from Pennsylvania State Police out of Chambersburg about a stolen Leukemia and Lymphoma Society donation sheet from a Popeye's in Franklin County.

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