New West Shore hospital to open in May

The new PinnacleHealth West Shore Hospital is set to open in two months.

The hospital is located next to the Fredricksen Outpatient Center on Technology Parkway in Hampden Township.

“We are scheduled to open the week of May 19th. We already have surgical cases scheduled for that week,” chief operating officer Mark Barabas said.

The 188,000 square-foot facility offers private patient rooms, seven state-of-the-art operating rooms, thee heart catheterization labs, a 12-bed intensive care unit, and a fully operational emergency department.

“The emergency room can accommodate 36,000 patients a year,” Barabas said. “For patients on the West Shore, it is half an hour to the ER on the East Shore. If you live here, now it is five minutes.”

The medium-sized community hospital can accommodate more than 100 patients and will focus on general surgery, orthopedics, as well as open heart surgeries.

The new hospital will also bring up to 300 full-time positions.

“We are always looking for nursing staff, pharmacy technicians and we are hiring housekeeping staff. People who are interested can look on our website,” Barabas said.


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