Author Spotlight: ‘Ebb from the Shoreline: Finding Cancer and Courage’

When Brenda Lee Sieglitz of Mount Joy was 24-year-old, she married her true love. Sieglitz met Kevin Boitson online and fell in love with him as he lived more than a thousand miles away in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their long-distance relationship had challenges — namely a battle with the U.S. Immigration process and securing a U.S. work permit for Boitson once he was in the U.S. The couple's situation improved, but only for a short time because just one year into their marriage, doctors diagnosed Boitson, 36, with a rare blood vessel cancer, Angiosarcoma. Four months later, the cancer killed Kevin.

“It started as a soar throat and within six weeks he was on a ventilator in the hospital,” Sieglitz said on Good Day PA on abc27.

During the four month battle with Angiosarcoma, Sieglitz wrote blog entries to communicate updates to their families in the U.S. and Canada. Before he died, Boitson asked Sieglitz to compile her blog entries into a book to tell their love story. Five years later, those entries and additional writing became “Ebb from the Shoreline: Finding Cancer and Courage.”

“I always wanted a good story to write. I tried writing fiction. I'd get 20 pages in and would fail miserably,” said Sieglitz. “And when my husband became sick, he asked me to share our story with the world. So after he died, I began to write these stories about how we met, the good times that we had together, and it was very healing.”

Sieglitz called the writing process “intense” and recalled that it was only then she realized how broken she was. But she also called the process “healing” and hopes it can encourage readers.

“I hope they realize that just because unexpected things happen, that their life doesn't have to stop, that they can still find joy in the everyday moments.”

“Ebb from the Shoreline” is available at, Aaron's Books in Lititz, Ebook are available on Sieglitz's website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Book Signing & Reading

Thursday, March 27

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Aaron's Books

35 East Main Street


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