Update: Midstate soldier donates kidney to comrade

It has been a month since abc27 News told you about a Midstate soldier who donated his kidney to another.

abc27 News caught up with Sgt. Dan Famous and Sgt. Joe Love on Thursday.

Famous has polycystic kidney disease and was in desperate need of a transplant when Love, a fellow soldier, answered the call.

“It was something that I felt called to do, I felt is a privilege to do,” Love said. “To donate my kidney to a man that I respect and admire is an easy decision.”

In February, doctors took one of Love's healthy kidneys.

“Might just be mental, but my left side feels empty,” Love said.

Doctors put his kidney into Famous, replacing his failing kidney. Famous looks and feels healthy but there are some things he will have to get used to.

“I'll be on anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my life,” Famous said, “much better than being on dialysis, yes.”

Dialysis would have ended his military career and made his job as a husband and father much tougher.

“Getting this kidney is going to allow me to continue on with how I want to live my life, the things I want to do with my life, how I interact with my family, the things that we're going to do,” Famous said.

The pair's “Famous-Love” story reached people across the country. They are hoping it will inspire others to take on a similar mission.

“If somebody can take the time to go get tested and donate a kidney, it'll change lives a thousand fold just receiving a kidney and not having to do dialysis,” Famous said.

“If I had a third kidney to give away and I knew someone that needed it, absolutely,” said Love.

There are currently nearly 100,000 people in the country waiting for a kidney transplant and the need for living donors is growing.

A kidney from a living donor is preferred because it can last twice as long as a cadaver kidney.

For more information on organ donation you can visit the following websites:





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