Val’s Kids: Terrel

A dream come true for Terrel. He is a big wrestling fan. Terrel made a visit to the Ultimate Wrestling Experience in Harrisburg and enjoyed some one on one ring time with the co-owner, Travis Shirk.

So who is Terrel’s favorite wrestler? “Ray Maestro, because I like the mask and the pants that he wears and the moves that he does” said Terrel. In fact, this teen hopes to be a professional wrestler one day. He is also very creative and wants to be a designer when he grows up, “Be an artist and make designs on things like shoes and shirts” said Terrel. Terrel enjoys sports, “I like to play football. play video games, basketball, play with my friends play tag,” said Terrel. When it comes to his buddies Terrel says he is a good friend.

“If I say anything I have their back, I say sorry and I really mean it. I would just always be there for a friend” said Terrel. The 14 year old has spent 8 years in foster care.

“We are looking for an active family a Family that will allow Terrel to be involved in the community he really likes meeting new people” said his Adoption Worker Katie Juliana. People like Shirk who made sure Terrel got the star treatment, “I wanted to get him started. He wants to be a wrestler I wanted to get him that starter pack. Give him a pair of boots. He needs the energy we got him a pizza. I wanted him to be styling and profiling so we got him a limousine” said Shirk. A Premier 1 Limousine that made Terrel feel like he was king of the ring.

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