Susquehanna superintendent wants legal bills paid

Legal woes continue in the Susquehanna Township School District, despite a recently-dropped lawsuit by two board members.

Two weeks ago, Mark Sussman and Jesse Rawls Sr. threw out their first amendment lawsuit against Kegerise, but said they still believe certain clauses in her contract are illegal.

Kegerise's attorney, Jason Kutulakis, has continued to file motions in federal court regarding the dropped lawsuit, however. Last week he filed an “intent to subpoena” for the names of commenters on more than 40 articles regarding the superintendent.

Wednesday, he filed a “motion of sanctions” against Sussman, Rawls and their attorney Bret Keisling asking for reimbursement of Kegerise's legal fees.

Keisling said because the district has paid all of her legal fees so far, Kegerise has no standing to ask for reimbursement.

“So it's kind of like if two people go out for a business lunch and one person pays the bill and the other one says to the boss 'I'd like to be reimbursed for the lunch',” he said. “You didn't pay for that lunch. You shouldn't be reimbursed.”

Accounting records obtained by abc27 show the district paid out more than $23,700 to Abom & Kutulakis Law Firm from January 18 to February 19. Records for other months were not immediately available.

When reached for comment Wednesday, Kutulakis declined.

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