Principal under question for emailing bra photo

A Lebanon County school principal is under investigation for reportedly emailing a photograph of a student's bra to staff.

North Londonderry Township police took a report on March 12 that Palmyra Area High School principal Benjamin Ruby took a photo of a student's bra – after it was dropped off at the school by her mother – then emailed the picture to staff.

According to police, the email did not contain the student's name so it is not a criminal matter. Police said the incident is being handled by the school district.

Parents lined up their cars outside the high school Thursday afternoon to pick up their kids. Some had already heard rumors, others were just hearing the allegations for the first time.

Sarah Masson was waiting to pick up her niece and was unsettled by the news.

“He should be immediately suspended until they get to the bottom of it,” Mason said. “I am actually pretty appalled. It is kind of shocking. It literally turns my stomach.”

According to reports, the student called her mother after her bra broke. Her mom brought her a new one in a bag. Police say Ruby reportedly took a picture of the bra that was in the bag.

“Not good for a principal. I do not think he should have done it. I think he should have been more responsible,” said Arvel Deppen of Palmyra.

District superintendent Lisa Brown said the district is aware of the allegations and conducting a thorough investigation.

“Because of various state and federal laws that protect the privacy of individuals, the district is not able to comment on the specifics,” Brown said. “We want to emphasize that the incident does not involve a concern for the safety of our students.”

The district says Ruby is currently on a medical leave that he requested before the allegations were made.

Ruby has been principal at Palmyra Area High School since July 2012. Prior to that, he was an assistant principal at Northeastern Middle School in York County.


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