Val’s Kids: Jaril

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Jaril hit the lanes at Red Crown Bowling in Swatara Township, Dauphin County. This soft spoken teen shares his favorite feature: “My smile,” said Jaril.

The 13 year old does well in school and loves math, gym and science classes.

“It’s how you learn different things with plants like all the different organisms” said Jaril. Jaril also enjoys a variety of activities including sports, “I like to play football, play video games and I like to draw sometimes” said Jaril.

This young man’s recruiter is hoping to find him a forever family, “My wish for him is that he has a family soon. He’s a young boy and he’s been in the child welfare system for about 5 years, which is 4 and 3/4’s too long” said Recruiter Marcia Moll.

Jaril would like to have an older and younger sister. He is also looking forward to living close to a city with, “Two parents and a family who likes sports” said Jaril. “Ironically he’s never lived with a mom and a dad. He’s always lived with a single parent. So I think that is a dream of his because he’s never had that” said Moll. Jaril would like to stay in contact with his biological grandmothers. As for his future career plan, “I’d like to be a football player.” The reporter asks, “What’s your back up plan?” “To be a cop” said Jaril. “I want him to have a family where he feels he can belong, and knows they will support him and be there for him” said Moll.


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