Carlisle attorney Rominger under investigation

A well-known Carlisle attorney is under investigation.

Karl Rominger, who was one of Jerry Sandusky's attorneys in his child sexual abuse trial, is being investigated for misappropriation of client funds, District Attorney Dave Freed confirmed for abc27 News.

Sources said Rominger is accused of withholding money from clients. The sources said the allegations stem from a civil case where settlement money was not handed over.

Rominger contacted abc27 News for an interview Friday afternoon.

“I'm aware of the investigation because I initiated the investigation,” he said. “We're working quickly with the D.A.'s office and we expect it to be over soon, and we're cooperating fully.”

“I can only refer you back to my first statement, which is I initiated the investigation and we're moving as fast as we can with full cooperation. I can't say more than that, but down the road we'll share more,” he said.

Freed said Rominger's attorney came to him first thing Thursday because Rominger knew there was going to be a court proceeding later that morning where he was
going to have to answer to $150,000 of client money that he didn't

Rominger's attorney, Bill Costopoulos, did not want to comment at this time.


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