West Shore Church Features Game Show Relief Program

“Good evening, everyone!,” declared Pastor George Jensen to lively applause in the fellowship room of Enola First Church of God.

“And welcome to our first Coffee House program of 2014.”

On this Friday night, the room had been converted into a game show set, with Pastor Jensen acting as host. It was a coffee house version of the one-time network game show, “Don't Forget the Lyrics.”

“Your table will pick the song category and there will be two songs in that category,” explained the pastor during his pre-game instructions.

Twelve tables of teams tried to continue singing the lyrics after the music stopped, helped along with humorous gestures from the host. Movements he dubbed Extreme Body Interpretation.

Roars of laughter and applause followed Table 4's rendition of Elvis Presley's “Hound Dog.” For their winning efforts, each team was awarded a “point,” a sheet of paper showing a finger pointing.

Contestants chose from twelve music categories, with winning tables finishing familiar pop, rock, holiday and spiritual songs.

“We do Coffee House on the fourth Friday of every month just for folks to come out and have a good time, fun and fellowship,” said Pastor Jensen during a covered dish intermission.

Life-long congregant Sara Essig credits Pastor Jensen's enthusiasm and a family atmosphere for the popularity of the Coffee House programs.

“We're a friendly, Bible-loving Church where everybody knows everybody,” she said.

“It seems like the Coffee House has made a big turn out of people from all over the area.”

And, along with the fun, the evening festivities benefitted others in need.

“100% of the offering this evening will go for relief aid in Kenya to some of our sister Churches of God,” said Pastor Jensen.

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