Judge blocks adoption, transfer of seized animals

A Cumberland County judge has blocked the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area from euthanizing, transferring or adopting out any of more than 50 animals it removed from a North Middleton Township farm.

Judge M.L. Ebert Jr. also gave the Humane Society and township police until March 18 to answer a petition in which Sondra McCoy claims she was ordered to sign paperwork that gave authorities the right to seize her animals during a search for which there was no warrant or probable cause.

McCoy, 60, was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty last month after authorities seized numerous dogs, cats, an albino groundhog, a descented skunk and two monkeys from her farm at 51 Hoy Road in January.

Police said the animals were in poor health, living in filthy conditions, and that cages were stacked on top of other cages in parts of the house.

In her emergency petition to the court, McCoy said she operated a private rescue facility for dogs, cats and other animals that are abandoned or sick.

She said the dogs were kept in a heated kennel, but moved temporarily because of the extremely cold weather to an attached garage that had been converted into a kennel.

Ebert scheduled a hearing on the matter March 20.


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