Dickinson College holds panel on Ukraine

Dickinson College hosted a panel discussion Thursday night on the current crisis in Ukraine.

The well-attended event was held at the college's Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium.

The panel was made up of the following guests: Karl Qualls, Dickinson College; R. Craig Nation, Dickinson College; Marybeth Ulrich, U.S. Army War College and Russell Bova, Dickinson College, moderator.

The panel lectured on Ukraine's past and present as well as fielded questions from the audience.

Panelists also discussed Russia's recent actions.

“Crimea is essentially an attempt to gain leverage, create a way to influence events, keep Russia in the game as a player, and Moscow is willing to accept the many risks that are attached to that,” Nation said to attendees.

The event was sponsored by The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues.


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