CV students take action after launch of hate site

A Twitter account called “CV Hates You” upset a lot of people in the Cumberland Valley School District.

The account encouraged bullying by allowing students to post hateful comments about each other anonymously.

When members of “It Takes One” heard about the page, the anti-bullying group at Cumberland Valley took action.

“I saw the story and I mentioned it to the other leaders,” said Maya Man, ITO leader.

“She messaged all of us and said abc27 did this news segment on this CV Hates page, and I was surprised at first,” said Becky Marcus, ITO leader.

The ITO group meets twice a month after school. They discuss how to prevent bullying and also serve as a safe place where other students can come and share their stories about bullying.

The teens decided that they should have an impromptu meeting after the story aired on abc27.

“We hosted a leader meeting about what we could do and how to prevent this,” said Nathan Tran, ITO leader.

“We put together the meeting about the page to raise awareness, and also to see what could be done to take it down or to help the people being affected by it,” said Marcus.

“The kids were really responsive and they came up with a lot of great ideas, like going to comfort the victim, and how it is important not to retweet what they were tweeting and not to like it or show any sign of support towards the bully,” said Tran.

The ITO group is featured in a new book called Words Wound, by Justin W. Patchin and Sameer Hinduja.  It is a guide to help teen and their parents stop and understand cyber bullying.

“The author called me and asked if we could be featured in the book because not too many schools have programs like this. He was very impressed with what we were doing, so he wanted to feature us and we were really pleased,” said Geraldine Johnson, Cumberland Valley's bullying prevention coordinator.

In a high school with almost 3,000 students, superintendent Fred Withum says it is the students themselves that can make the biggest impact on preventing bullying.

“They are the ones that are changing kids' hearts. That is what is really going to combat this problem. It is changing hearts that is going to make the big difference,” said Withum.

The “CV Hates You” Twitter account was taken down in January, the same day abc27 ran a story on the account.

“The account came down very quickly as a result of everybody; kids, parents, administrators, teachers saying this is not acceptable,” said Withum.


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