Police: Copper thief targeting vacant homes for sale

West Shore Regional Police are investigating several copper thefts in
Lemoyne where the thief appears to be targeting vacant homes for sale.

There have been three houses hit in the last week. The first was in the 800 block of Hummel Avenue. The theft at the second house, in the 600 block of Bossler Avenue, was discovered when the realtor went to check on the property.

“They found the back door was smashed in and someone had entered, or people had entered, and stole copper out of the residence,” West Shore Regional Police Chief Michael Hope said. “They actually cut the water line and left the house and water was still running all over the basement.”

“The neighbor did hear some banging, most likely when the crime was taking place around five on Wednesday evening, but she thought it was the homeowner their working on the house.”

A third theft was reported in the 300 block of Herman Avenue Friday afternoon. All of the thefts are within a few blocks of each other.

“We are asking the public to keep an eye out,” Hope said. “If your neighbor's home is for sale, if there is a vacant property next door, or people are away for an extended time and you see anybody, call the police and let us know somebody is there.”


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