Cumberland County heroin bust takes down 3

A search of a home in Carlisle earlier this week led investigators to the center of Mechanicsburg and to an apartment just three blocks from the police station.

“Even if we drive by, if it's going on in the hallway of an apartment building, we are not going to see that,” Mechanicsburg Police Chief David Spotts said.

Investigators believe the apartment was the final stop before hundreds of bags of heroin would have been sold to Midstate buyers.

“It was a really, really wonderful job by the detectives to get this heroin before it could get out there on the streets,” Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed said after a Thursday news conference.

Freed said police seized 11 “sticks” of heroin from the two homes, each with 140 baggies for individual sale to users.

“That is essentially about 1,400 doses, 1,400 bags,” Freed said.

Authorities said they also seized an AK-47 rifle, handguns, cocaine and cash.

The drugs were bought from Noel Cuevas, sold to Patrick Molle, then to Niles Levin for local distribution, according to authorities.

“Philadelphia is the big pipeline right now,” Spotts said.

In this case it was obvious to police. The heroin was wrapped in pages of a Philadelphia phone book.

“We've had an uptick in heroin overdose calls,” Spotts said. “Here in the borough, where in years past we'd get one a year, now we are getting one every six weeks or so.”

The fact is that today heroin is often cheaper and easier to find.

“If you have people willing to break the law to the point of dealing drugs in this amount and have firearms in their amount, there is always a danger to the community,” Freed said.

Noel Cuevas is still at-large. His last known address is in Mt. Holly Springs.


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