Veteran Mechanicsburg Teacher Exits Stage Left

For director
Eric Dundore, the upcoming production of “Anything Goes” at
Mechanicsburg High School will be bittersweet.

After 24
years teaching and directing plays at Mechanicsburg, plus five years before
that at Red Land High School, Dundore is stepping away from the footlights and
the classroom.

“I know
it's going to be emotional in a lot of ways,” said Dundore as he gently
positioned actors on the stage. “It'll be very exciting and rewarding and
yet sad because this will be the last play that I'll do with the kids.”

But the
veteran director is not leaving because he is tried of it.

still fun. Still challenging. Still fun,” he said. “Especially to see
the whole thing come together, hopefully, at the last minute,” he added
with a grin.

From the
“Music Man” in 1991 through this year's classic musical comedy,
Dundore credits the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew for making
the productions click. For him, the challenge is to keep everyone focused,
while still having fun.

When one of
the players temporarily lost his place in the dialog, Dundore couldn't resist
teasing him.

are going to want their money back,” he deliberately mumbled, to the
amusement of everyone on stage.

From any
seat in the theater, the rapport between director and performer jumps off the

Hannah Madden, who plays Reno Sweeney in the show, says the students are well
aware that this production is special.

Dundore just really wants us to be the best that we can be,” she said.
” And you can tell he's just pouring his whole heart into it. I think that
makes us want to work just as hard.”

Crocker” is being played by Senior James Isley.

Dundore treats you like you want to be treated by a teacher,” said Isley.
“He's obviously tons of fun. He knows what he's doing. He's a great
teacher. He's good at the theater. He's good at everything.”

As he wraps
up his high school career, Dundore plans to continue his stage work with
Theater Harrisburg and other community productions, while employing what he's
learned from his students.

teacher will tell you it's the kids that keep you young,” said Dundore.
“They keep you energetic. They keep you pushing ahead and challenging
yourself to make it better.”

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