Midstate woman from Ukraine reacts to violence in Kiev

The fiery violence continues in Ukraine. More than 100 people have been killed in clashes this week and hundreds more have been injured. And officials say the death toll could rise.

The images coming out of Ukraine are difficult to watch, but it is even harder for a Midsate woman who is from the country. She is worried sick about family members who are still there.

Mila Barner moved to the U.S. about eight years ago. She loves her home country but she hates what is going on over there. Even worse, she is fearful for the lives of family members who are in the midst of it all.

“I never saw a situation like this in my country,” Barner said.

The situation is this; the Ukrainian government was supposed to ally with the European Union but backed out at the last minute. That sparked fiery protests that have turned deadly. Many people now fear Ukraine will side with Russia.

“Ukraine doesn't want to be in the control of Putin, the control of Russia,” Barner said.

Barner's sons, Andrew and Oleg, are part of the resistance. They are peacefully protesting in a city about seven hours from Kiev. Mila is afraid the violence will creep in.

“Today I call like five times,” Barner said. “Because I'm worried. Because I want to know how they are, what happened, what they're thinking, what they're doing.”

President Obama said he is keeping a close eye on what the Ukranians are doing.

“We are going to be watching very carefully and we expect the Ukrainian government to show restraint, to not resort to violence in dealing with peaceful protesters. We've said we also expect peaceful protesters to remain peaceful and we'll be monitoring very carefully the situation, recognizing that along with our European partners and the international community there will be consequences if people step over the line,” Obama said.

“I hope American government cannot push but show to Ukrainian government stop,” Barner said. “I pray for Ukraine. I pray for my family and I ask America to help Ukraine in their mind, in their praying.”

There was a truce Wednesday between the government and protesters, but it was short-lived. Ukraine's president blamed protesters for breaking the deal. The opposition claims that the government is using “professional snipers.”

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