Growing pains: A closer look at school district lines

Like legislative district lines, school district boundaries can take strange shapes.

Take Carlisle for example. Although a student may live a mile or two from a school, they are sometimes bussed miles and miles away.

In Mechanicsburg it's the same case. On Genevieve Drive, across from Mechanicsburg High School, half the block attends Cumberland Valley schools.

“Over the past two years, we have outpaced all enrollment projections,” Cumberland Valley Superintendent Frederick Withum said after a meeting Wednesday night.

Cumberland Valley is considering two options to meet a growing population. One would redistrict students in kindergarten through the eighth grade, use modular classrooms, and wait to build for 3-5 years. The second includes an $88-million dollar expansion project.

So what about district lines shifting to accommodating for population growth?

Mechanicsburg's population is on a slight decline, but Upper Allen Township – which is in the school district – is expanding almost as fast as the booming townships of Hampden and Silver Spring.

“We share that with the school districts so they are aware of what is going on and what the potential population growth may look like,” said Lou Fazekas, Upper Allen township manager.

For C.V. schools, the growth projects are just options at this point. No firm decision has been made.


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