Dog who visits hospice patients shot in yard

William Buckingham is in disbelief after someone shot his 4-year-old English bulldog inside of his own fenced yard Monday morning.

“I heard a bump like a thud and I heard him yell and I thought, 'Well, he really must be cold. He wants to come back in the house already,' ” Buckingham said.

But it wasn't that Barney Fife was cold.

“I went to pet him on his left side and I felt something very sticky, and I picked my hand up and it was full of blood,” Buckingham said.

Barney is recovering and doing well, but he's not out of the woods just yet. He is on antibiotics, but the bullet wasn't removed because an operation would have been too risky.

“We can't do much more than that because it would but Barney's life at risk. If he was put under, he wouldn't wake up,” Buckingham said. “Even though he was shot, God was looking out for him.”

Barney is no ordinary dog. He works at White Rose Hospice.

“His job is mainly to cheer up someone who doesn't have a good outlook on their life,” said Buckingham.

Buckingham is hoping the shooter will come forward.

“I wish he or she would do themselves a favor and come forward and not let this drag out,” he said. “If I had lost Barney – Barney is not just my dog, he is my buddy. He is my friend.”

Barney has a scar that will be a constant reminder.

“I see my dog hurting and I look at that senseless bullet wound and I do get angry sometimes,” said Buckingham.


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