Cumberland Valley School District has more growing pains

The Cumberland Valley School District is trying to decide what to do about a continued growth in enrollment.

Superintendent Dr. Frederick Withum said that a third of the district's elementary school classrooms are at 99 percent capacity.

The district is considering two options to handle its growth.

One is to redistrict students in kindergarten through eighth grade and use modular classrooms. They would then reconsider whether to build new in three to five years.

The second option is to issue bonds over the next three to five years for a project that would build two new elementary schools over the next eight years and renovate several others.

The total cost of the project could reach $88 million dollars, but the district is not looking at a tax increase for any of that work.

“The large high school project that happened years ago is on the verge of having that debt retired,” said Dr. Withum. “So they'll be able to wrap the new debt around that and not cause any additional millage increase.”


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