Police: man arrested on arson, drug charges

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North Middleton Township Police arrested a man on arson and drug charges after crews responded to a garage fire.

On Saturday at around 7 a.m. crews responded to a fire alarm in the 2100 block of Douglas Drive. After smelling smoke around the residence, firefighters tried to get inside but no one answered the door. and couldn't get anyone to answer the door.

Crews forced open the front door and saw heavy smoke inside the home. They checked the attached garage they found a fire in the middle of the garage and a man inside.

North Middleton Township Police responded and arrested Dorian Simmons for arson, possession of a small amount of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

Simmons told an officer that he didn't a have key to his mother's resident and crawled in through the garage window. During the night he got cold so he started a fire using wood to keep warm.

Authorities found marijuana in his possession during his arrest.

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