White Chocolate: A snowy day in Hershey

Call it “white chocolate.”

On Thursday, Hershey's signature Kiss streetlights were topped with wintry flakes. Hersheypark's snow-capped coasters were quiet.  

So were cash registers at the nearby Hershey Outlets. The stores were shut and dark and the parking lot was being plowed about 1 PM.

But perhaps the sweetest scene in the “Sweetest Place on Earth” was provided by Joe and Kathy Piconi, who weren't shoveling out their own home but the houses of elderly neighbors.

“We do a couple of them,” said a bundled up and bearded Joe matter-of-factly. “Help them out. You know they appreciate it. Sometimes they want to give you money. Sometimes they want to give you cookies. You know, that's how it works. But you gotta help because you might be stranded one time along the road.”

The time came for a storage shed owned by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. The roof partially collapsed under the weight of heavy snow Thursday morning. No one was inside. No one was hurt.

Hersheypark is closed for the season, but abc27 photographer Joe Camut and I found our own supersoakers.

As Joe was shooting video across the street from the chocolate plant a pick-up truck splashed a huge pile of slush-snow-chemicals into our faces. The camera also got nailed.

Welcome to winter. But then we met Chad Webber who was plowing driveways. No one is more fired up about all that winter drops on us than Chad. But he made it clear he'd rather move snow than talk about it.

What are you out here doing? I ask.

“Plowing,” was all Chad said.

Tell me about business this year? I try again.

This time, two words. “It's boomin'.”

Plows have been working overtime across the Midstate, and they've certainly done their job. In the parking lot at the Hershey Outlets there are 20-foot mountains of snow. That means it may be spring before the last vestiges of snow disappear. It's going to be a Winter Wonderland for quite some time.

And that's just fine with Chad, who suddenly gets chatty…for him, anyway.

“I like it. Keep it cold. Keep the snow coming.”

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