Harrisburg’s snow emergency to be lifted at midnight

UPDATE: Harrisburg's Mayor Eric Papenfuse announced he will lift the snow emergency effective midnight on Friday, allowing residents to once again park along streets designated Emergency Snow Routes.

According to the mayor, Department of Public Works crews will continue plowing and salting through the night. Residents who moved their cars to the Locust Street Garage Wednesday are allowed to leave them parked there without charge until closing time Friday.

Standard Parking issued tickets to cars parked on Snow Emergency Routes during the snow storm, and the company will resume issuing tickets to illegally parked cars in other parts of the city when the Snow Emergency ends. Standard Parking did not hand out tickets beyond the Snow Emergency Routes during the snow storm.

Harrisburg police also began issuing tickets to cars still parked on Snow Emergency Routes Thursday evening. However, authorities did not tow cars during the snow emergency.

PREVIOUSLY REPORTED: Harrisburg's famed skyline was hard to make out on top of Project 1500 at 6th and Reily streets.

The green dome was masked by whiteout conditions.

On the streets below, road conditions were slick. Mayor Eric Papenfuse asked residents to stay off the roads.

“You should not be driving unless you absolutely have to,” Papenfuse said. “Let those public works crews do their job and get the streets plowed.”

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, Harrisburg's snow emergency was still in effect until further notice. Papenfuse said parking is still prohibited along snow emergency routes.

The mayor said Standard Parking handed out tickets to those still parked along emergency routes, and cars could be towed at some point.

“Fresh drivers [are] ready to go and plow, please move those cars,” Papenfuse said.

Standard parking extended free parking hours until 7 p.m. Friday inside the Locust Street Garage near the federal courthouse. Papenfuse said residents along snow routes are also encouraged to utilize free parking areas at City Island, the Farm Show Complex, and the National Fire Museum on 4th Street.

Fire Chief Brian Enterline warned of safety hazards involving open flame heating sources such as stoves or ovens. He also asked residents to use caution when using space heaters.

“We've already had two fires in the city using heating appliances and certainly we don't want to have anymore” said Enterline.

The fire chief also asked residents to clear snow away from their nearest fire hydrant.

“This is a public safety issue,” said Papenfuse. “And, it's important that the public comply.”


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