Food vendors: Outdoor Show organizers trying to force them out

Food vendors at the Great American Outdoor Show say organizers of the event are trying to force them out.

The show continues this week at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

The folks at LeRaysville Cheese Factory of Bradford County said first of all, they didn't find out until two days before Christmas that they would be permitted to even operate their booth.

Then, they said organizers of the show refused to extend an invitation for next year.

Cheese Factory owner Milton Repsher says they told him they would try to fill their spots with non food-vendors first.

“If they were interested then they would take these food vendors' booth space and then the food vendors would be out,” he said.

Ironically, Repsher says he and his family are lifetime members of the National Rifle Association, which is running the event for the first time.

abc27 called the manager of the show, Chris O'Hara, on his cell phone for a comment. O'Hara said we had to call the media office with our request. We called that number and left a message and never got a return call.

Repsher told us of a conversation he had this week with the manager.

“Chris O'Hara mentioned that if I did talk to the media about what was going on, he said 'I guarantee you that you won't be back next year,' ” Repsher said.

Since we couldn't get organizers to talk about their own show, we checked in with local gun store owner Joe Staudt of Staudt's Gun Shop, who said the show has been going very well for them.

“Some things are probably better and some things aren't as good,” he said. “You mentioned some of the food vendors. I think they wanted to focus things a little bit better.”


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