Bell & Evans to expand, create 380 new jobs

Governor Tom Corbett says Pennsylvania has partnered with Bell and Evans to support an expansion of the company's operations in Lebanon County and create 380 full-time jobs.

Corbett said Bell and Evans has purchased 19.6 acres of land in Bethel
Township to build a new 158,000-square-foot poultry processing and
packaging plant.

He said the company plans to invest more than $44 million in
construction, new equipment and employee training, and has also committed to creating at least 380 new jobs within three years.

Bell and Evans is headquartered in Fredericksburg and currently employs about 1,145 people full-time.

Corbett said the company received a funding proposal from the Department of Community
and Economic Development, including a 171,000 Guaranteed Free Training
grant to be used to train its new workforce.

Additional funding includes
a $750,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant that facilitates investment
and job creation and $760,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits, Corbett said.

A $400,000
PennDot Transportation Infrastructure Investment grant was also


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