York Co. freezes, leaving thousands without power

Icy roads and downed trees made a mess for most in York County Wednesday. 

“All of a sudden I heard this crash,” said Ruth Redmond of Manchester. 
“I thought it was a wreck outside; I couldn't really see anything, so I put my shoes on and came out, saw it was a branch down,” said Conewago Inn co-owner John Marks. 
Heavy snow and ice snapped a tree that sat across York Haven Road in Manchester Township. Power lines came down with it, causing the lights and the heat to go out for Redmond. 
“We don't have no heat, and we can't really turn the oven on or anything because that's run by electric too,” said Redmond. 
Drivers used the Conewago Inn's parking lot as a detour around the fallen tree. Marks says the road should have been cleared. 
“They put cones and more flares, but they left and nobody has been back to deal with it since. Power lines are down, and cars are still trying to get around it,” said Marks. 
With trees and ice falling at a moment's notice, Susan Green of Manchester was attempting to deliver newspapers. 
“I am afraid of trees falling on me. Coming down that way, there were trees falling all around me,” said Green. 
On a day like Wednesday, it's going to take her longer than usual to get the job done. But for her, it's slow and steady. 
“I value my life and my vehicle more than a 75-cent vehicle,” said Green. 
She knows in these conditions it is not a race. 

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