Harrisburg deals with deep freeze, ice

Harrisburg dealt with Wednesday's ice dilemma both outside and inside. Mayor Eric Papenfuse addressed the ice storm in the city.

Icicles could be found on streets signs, power lines and tree branches throughout the city. While the city did not declare an emergency, Mayor Eric Papenfuse recommended people stay home.

“Everybody just needs to be patient and sensible, and understand that it's probably not the best day to be out,” he said.

Clogged storm drains created ponding on several intersections according to Papenfuse. He said all of the city's 15 trucks and Public Works members spent the day plowing streets and clearing storm drains. Papenfuse said 71 residents were without power for most of the day.

Since the city transitioned power to Standard Parking per the recovery plan, decisions come the private company. However Papenfuse said he spoke with SP and was told parking meters were “relaxed” due to ice.

As the mayor was stating this, two SP workers were across the street writing a ticket. Once the situation was brought to his attention, Papenfuse immediately said he would personally fight for residents.

“I say contest that ticket if you get on today, and I'll help get it removed,” the mayor said.

The old city practice of saving your residential parking spoke with a chair or cone, is just fine with the mayor as well.

“If I spend all that time digging out my parking space…I want to be able to preserve it,” said Papenfuse.

Inside City Hall, there was a large wet spot on the lobby floor from the leaking roof. However, this was nothing compared to the Pandora's Box Police Chief Tom Carter and Captain Annette Oates showed ab27.

“With the ice and snow and the rain, it's just coming down in bucket fulls,” said Oates.

The police department's locker room, Criminal Investigation Department office and several hallways were lined with trash cans catching water flowing from the ceiling. Many tiles fell through, exposing wires and light fixtures.

“It's bad all around,” said Oates.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse reminded media people can help with repairs by donating to the City Hall Beautiful Fund by contacting The Foundation for Enhancing Communities at ftec.org.

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