State funding aims to fill Harrisburg potholes

Potholes around Harrisburg often act like street snipers and target cars' shocks and alignment. The state will offer financial backup to help the city attack road craters.

If you stand on a street corner long enough in Harrisburg, you will most likely hear that unmistakable sound, ‘FOOM-FOOM.' Hearing two tires run over a deep pot hole within milliseconds of each other rattle ear drums and probably drivers' teeth.

Next to one of the worst pothole-ridden streets in the city, Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch, state Representative Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), and Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse held a news conference to announce a plan to battle busted roads.

All three announced Harrisburg will receive $10 million over the next five years. Schoch said the money will be drawn from the recently passed transportation funding law. He said about two million should be allocated to Harrisburg so projects can begin this spring.

Papenfuse said he, Kim and Schoch have worked together to develop a plan to help repair city streets.

“Our desire is to make sure that this money is spread evenly throughout the entire city of Harrisburg,” Papenfuse said. “[We want to} reach into every neighborhood of the city.”

A list and map with proposed project areas included the 15 worst streets inside city limits. Areas included McClay Street from Front to Cameron, N. 3rd Street, Berryhill Street, and S. 17th Street.

South 2nd Street from Paxton to Mulberry will also be repaved along with striping. Last fall, abc27 reported the lack of lane markings fueled drivers' confusion at the popular gateway bottleneck in the city.

Schoch said the proposed streets would have to be approved at the state level, but felt the state and city could agree on the projects very soon. Representative Kim said she has received several complaints from her constituents and fell victim to pot holes herself. Kim believes prayers have been answered on Harrisburg's holy crisis.

“The residents have been crying for this, they've been desperate for this,” said Kim. “And, finally…ahhh…we get to deliver something.”


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