Hershey couple home after ‘chaotic’ cruise

A Dauphin County couple is finally waking up at home Thursday after their cruise was cut short by an outbreak of what's believed to be Norovirus.

Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas returned to New Jersey Wednesday afternoon.

Joe and Sandi English of Hershey were on the ship. More than 600 people got sick, but luckily the couple was able to remain healthy. Nonetheless, they are happy to be home.

“It feels great because I think after probably the eighth day everybody was ready to come back home, just with what was going on and everything,” Joe English said. “It was just a lot of chaos. A lot of times there was nothing to do. They did cancel a lot of the events on ship because they needed everybody to sanitize rails and stand outside the doors and sanitize your hands as you went in and out.”

English also said Royal Caribbean is offering them 50 percent off the cruise as well as their next cruise.

The ship had to skip two stops on the trip, so Royal Caribbean has offered to pay those port fees.

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