Cutting the Cable

People who are tired of sky-high cable television bills and paid subscriptions to other television services are going unplugged.  They're disconnecting those services and opting for a cheaper way to watch TV.

Elizabeth Stene got a smart TV for Christmas and it came loaded with apps for Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Instead of getting cable, Elizabeth pays for those web-based services to watch countless movies and past seasons of TV shows.

With Hulu Plus, Stene can watch most shows the next day.  She estimates she's saving $50 to $70 a month!

“I love it,” she said. “I never watch anything when it's going to air to begin with, so this is better for me. I can watch when I want, commercials are shorter and it's cheaper so I'm saving money.”

Older television sets can be easily converted to smart TVs. A $35 device called Google Chromecast plugs into the television and with Netflix or other online services, it streams video from your iPad, phone or computer to the TV.  This lets you watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere.

“If I go on vacation and there's only cable, I can bring Chromecast with me.  It plugs in and as long as there's a Wi-Fi connection, I can connect to Netflix and watch what I want,” said a Chromecast user.

If you want to watch live shows like sporting events or the news on the major networks like ABC, there's a free and easy solution for that.

“You can just get an antennae, put it by a window or on your roof or in the attic. You connect it, scan it and you'll find local channels free of charge,” said Keith Blaisdell, abc27's Director of Broadcast Operations.

Elizabeth likes the options and saving money.

“You're gonna save a lot of money by streaming and you can get everything you want online,” she said.

Comcast, one of the biggest cable TV companies in the country, said it is not experiencing any meaningful evidence of customers cutting their cable service.


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