CV monitoring student ‘haters’ site

The Cumberland Valley School District says it's monitoring a Twitter account where high school students apparently malign and denigrate their classmates.

Whoever created the account “CvHatesYou” is making their intentions very clear. In their description they post: “We don't care who you are, CV will find some reason to hate you. Send me a direct message about someone and I will say it.”

abc27 News has confirmed that names posted are those of Cumberland Valley High School students.

The site apparently was created this week and already has more than 50 followers. Students are targeted for their appearance, sexual orientation and social status. In some tweets, photos of students are included.

What can parents do? The Anti-Defamation League says such sites should be reported to the Internet provider or social site immediately.

“The Internet can live on forever, so something that is posted or written or featured on the Internet may not disappear, and that can last through times of college applications and job interviews, many years on out,” said Nancy Baron-Baer, Interim Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

In a statement, Cumberland Valley spokeswoman Tracy Panzer said: “The district takes seriously any actions that may harm our students and staff. We are aware of, are monitoring, and do not approve of the specific page in question.”

“There are disciplinary consequences that may be taken if students are using the social media page inappropriately during the school day. However, the district is limited on the actions we may take when students access the page after the school day and on an Internet service that is not provided by the district.”

“Social media users are encouraged to report any inappropriate content and/or pages through the social media site's reporting tool and, when necessary, to the appropriate authorities.”

“Throughout the school year, the district talks with students regarding appropriate use of the Internet and social media, and the consequences that exist when they use these sites inappropriately. These discussions of appropriate digital citizenship will continue.”


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