Homeless find warmth during cold stretch

Long-term cold calls for a long-term plan, and sometimes that's as hard to find as a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Your feet are cold, your hands are cold. To spend a whole night out here and then still not find that place even to warm up – I just cant imagine,” said Myles Eichelberger.

Like most of us, Eichelberger has never had to spend a night out in the cold; at least not in January.

“When I lost my job, that was it,” Eichelberger said.

But in November, Eichelberger was forced to spend four nights in a row on the street.

“I really thank God and my church that I found this place,” he said inside Carlisle CARE's resource center, where he and about a dozen others were served some steaming hot chicken pot pie.

“We've had to really make sure that everyone is off the street and inside and safe,” said Carlisle CARE's Shari Bellish.

Open until 9 p.m., the resource center does not have overnight accommodations. Guests move to one of 12 local churches hosting the moving shelter each month. The center serves simply as home base for Carlisle's homeless.

“If somebody needs to come in and sit in the lobby and get warm, we are going to allow that,” said Bellish.

What the center needs this time of year is a bit of help: donations in the form of toiletries  or hats gloves and scarves, like the ones given to Eichelberger.

“It's 'Where's your gloves at before you leave?' Making sure that you are warm out here,” he said of the center's volunteer staff.

He said that when warmth is found, so comes a sense of home – and of hope.

“I'm going to make it now,” he said.

A list of items needed by the center can be found on their website, www.carlislecares.org/#!donate.


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