Should high-end restaurants say ‘no kids allowed’

The story of an upscale Chicago restaurant lit up our abc27 Facebook page this week.

The chef tweeted his dismay at a couple who brought their crying 8-month-old baby to dinner.

The chef didn't endorse a ban on babies, but did ask if he should have asked the couple to leave.

Should high end restaurants say no kids allowed?

“Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with that. It is the environment that you are paying for, not just the meal,” said Frankie Hutchinson, Harrisburg. “I do not have kids but I take care of my nieces and nephews and I love them to death but there are certain places I just would not take them they are too young.”

“I don't think kids should be prohibited from going to any restaurant,” said Debbie Chappell of Hershey. “My daughter actually owns several restaurants and they encourage families to bring their children and they have little activities for the kids to do so they do not get disruptive while they are waiting.”

Babe's Grill House in Palmyra actually caters to families. They sit customers with kids in a dining room with a kid play room nearby.

“I put the families over here so that the kids can go in there and play while they wait for dinner. The parents love it  and call ahead just to get this room. It is a very popular room in town,” owner David Deimler said.

Does that change if it is $200 a plate?

“We support kids here we want you to bring them here, but if we had a $200 dollar plate restaurant I would assume. I probably would not want children there. I love kids, but it is just not the place,” said Deimler. “It is the parents responsibility. You have to be a good parent and understand where you are at.”


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