Lancaster man shoots wild boar in his yard

Ashley Kauffman says there was talk around Holtwood that there were three Russian boars roaming in the area that had escaped from a nearby exotic animal farm.

She got a call a few days later from her neighbor that one was standing near her home.

A few minutes later her husband Josh came home from work and she told him what she saw.

Josh grabbed his rifle and followed the boar's tracks in the snow.

He tracked it down and shot the animal.

Ashley says it charged her husband and he fired a second round that killed it.

The Game Commission says Russian boars are aggressive and can destroy Pennsylvania's natural habitat and property.

They issued a shoot-to-kill order for all licensed hunters who may spot the exotic boars to help prevent them from breeding in the wild.

State officials say people can also call their local police or the Game Commission if they spot one of the animals in their area.


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