Adams Electric to begin helicopter patrols

Adams Electric plans to begin its yearly inspection of distribution lines and equipment by helicopter next week.

The inspections are scheduled to begin Monday morning in portions of lower Cumberland and upper Franklin counties that are served by the cooperative, Adams Electric said in a news release.

After approximately a week, the aerial inspections will move to Adams County and finally on to southern and western York County.

Critical overhead lines that feed power to the co-op's substations and metering points in the Gettysburg, Shippensburg and York districts will be inspected, as well as all overhead lines and equipment in the co-op's Shippensburg District.

The inspections will begin each day at approximately 8:30 a.m. and are expected to last about six hours a day on weekdays, when weather conditions are appropriate, until all areas have been reviewed.

The crew will try to avoid flying over congested areas and hovering over agricultural operations, according to the news release.

The co-op has conducted aerial inspections every year since 1996.


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