Good Samaritan rescues abandoned puppies in backpack

Police are looking for the person who left two puppies inside a backpack next to a Lancaster mailbox on one of the coldest days of the year.

Officials said the 8- to 12-week-old puppies were nearly frozen when they were found Wednesday morning by a good Samaritan who took the dogs to the SPCA.

The puppies have been named Lucky and Breeze and they are believed to be brother and sister.

“They came in very lethargic, very shivering, extremely cold,” Jennifer Nields, operations manager at the Lancaster County SPCA said. “It's lucky that they made it.”

It's possible the dogs were in the backpack overnight, according to Nields. Both seem to be doing well.

“That's the best satisfaction, to know that they're at least here and they are going to be okay,” animal enforcement officer Karen Dinkel said.

The good Samaritan wishes to remain anonymous. Officials are not saying where the puppies were found, but said they could be available for adoption following the investigation.

Anyone with information about who may have owned the puppies is asked to call Dinkel at 717-735-3453.


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