Drivers frustrated with road conditions

Had to drive in the midstate Thursday evening? Then you know the roads were messy and the traffic was horrendous.

The wintry weather started right before rush hour, leading to slick roads, traffic jams and accidents all over the area.

Some of those frustrated folks called PennDOT's response into question.

“They've cleared some, but not near like it needs to be,” Anthony Ross of Dillsburg said.

It sounds like PennDOT received its share of complaints from the upset motorists, so the department wanted to remind everyone to leave early, take it slow and keep their cool.

“People tend to complain if the road isn't clear immediately and we are letting people know you can't expect it to be bare while it's snowing,” PennDOT spokeswoman Erin Waters-Trasatt said. “Even on interstates it takes about two hours for a truck to get to the same spot on his route, the worse the weather is and the more people driving, the longer its going to take.”


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